Against the Odds

YEEEEAAAAAARGH!!!!!! etc....

Airships and Pirates and Goblins (OHHHH Myyyyy....)

Bern Stonearm recognizes talent when he sees it. He decides that the three of them are well suited for his ends. He asks No-name to run a personal errand for him. As the rogue vanishes, Bern introduces the other two to another agent in his employ. The shadowy figure agrees to aid them locate a valuable artifact for the Stonearm family. Bern sends them to see his contact in a hamlet to the north called Adderfall.

Bern’s engineers also agree to “upgrade” the small skiff that the troupe has “appropriated” and the inventory of the hold is catelogued and stowed away for safe keeping by the dock-masters. The group decides to take Bern’s kindness and as they are leaving the docks, they notice they’ve picked up a tail. They are able to confront the figure, though and he flees. On their way to Adderfall, only an hour north of the town, the trio is yet again set upon by pirates.

The very leader of the pirate band they chased off the Daring, confronts them and demands payment for his losses: Payment in BLOOD! As his two body guards step from the side of the road, they realize that both of the figures (who are identical, it seems) appear to be the very creature that was following them from the docks.

Very often, the best laid plans never survive first-contact with the enemy, and soon the Dread Pirate Captain Mothmount is defeated as are his two bodyguards. The adventurers are very fatigued, though and head back to town, deciding to strike out on the morrow.

After a rest and some food, they strike out for Adderfall and reach the village without incident. As they arrive, they notice the town is in shambles. Smoke rises from buildings in the distance, and the sounds of battle are all around. The town looks like a war zone, and as the group tries to find their way through the streets, they are ambushed by a mob of goblins.

The goblins prove little trouble for the group, and they press on. As they near the center of town, they realize they’re on the wrong side of the battle lines. They’re smack in the middle of enemy territory. Bern’s agent decides to try and get the lay of the land and spies on a clandestine meeting in a large house. A dark figure in a hooded cowl is staring down an enormous Half-Orc. The gist of the conversation is understood. The Mysterious Stranger is in command here. As they prepare to pull back from the house, the trio is surprised when the robed being just disappears….



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